Company Profile


Our mission is to strive toward unparalleled customer satisfaction encompassing every aspect of our business. We will provide the very latest in technology and ideology to our clients. Research into new developments and innovations in the field will continually enable us to deliver a superior product. In the years ahead, we will move forward thriving persistently on the foundation that we have built with our customers and suppliers in sustaining excellence in the marketplace. Collins Construction & Company is determined to take its knowledge and expertise to other regions of the Southeastern US. On the horizon is the addition of newl field offices positioned to serve a continually expanding market.

Collins Construction & Co. provides our clients with a first class management staff that has been hard at work since 1999 building a company dedicated to the excellence that is at the core of our success. Our management is knowledgeable and proficient in design, conceptual budgeting, scheduling and value engineering projects. Hands on experience in every facet of the business put our managers at the top of their field.

Day to day operations are the responsibility of our qualified General Superintendents. They are confident leaders and mentors for our crews. They have learned the importance of planning, staying organized and keeping schedule as well as providing an important direct link between job Superintendents, foremen and office staff. Our site management team is required to hold an OSHA 10-Hour certification and specific tool certifications. They are licensed in the operation of lift and aerial equipment and are thoroughly trained in safety procedures.

Collins construction sets a standard for hard work, high achievement, and excellence among our work force. Our crews are thoroughly trained in their particular crafts and expected to deliver the high quality that our clients demand. Advancement is encouraged and achieved through on the job instruction and continuing education.

The subject of safety is paramount for Collins Construction. We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment. We insist that our employees follow the stringent rules set down by both OSHA and our valued customers. Collins Construction’s job site superintendents and foremen are required to complete the OSHA-10 course as well courses in both CPR and First Aid. They are well versed and trained in fall protection and aerial lift safety, and also hold all applicable tool certifications. Each superintendent and foreman takes full responsibility to execute our safety policies. Job site safety meetings are held weekly and involve all employees and subcontractors who are working under the direction of Collins Construction. Most construction accidents are preventable. Collins Construction uses any and all resources to learn more about and adhere to construction safety regulations.

Collins is actively involved in ABC’s Safety Training and Evalutation Process (STEP) program. The program, which was developed by contractors, for contractors, is intended to be an organized approach to analyzing and developing safety and loss prevention programs. To find out more about the STEP program vist ABC STEP Program.